Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Short Run This Morning

I overslept a little, so I only had time for a 3+ mile run instead of a 5+ mile run. I perhaps provided some compensation for the cut in distance by running it a little faster than usual. Also, it's so humid today that I felt like I was swimming more than running. But it was really good. It encouraged a lot of sweat, which made me feel better, especially after battling these allergies the past few days.

Perhaps I'll go for another run this afternoon. We'll see.

Why is it so humid? It rained last night. That's great, 'cause it helps pull the pollen out of the air. Combined with the sweat-lodge experience of this morning's run, I think I'm almost done with my allergy attack this year.
Tags: allergies, running

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