Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Just Call Me Eminem

Just call me Eminem. Why? 'Cause I just ran eight miles. I never saw that movie, but I assume it's about running, right?

OK, in all seriousness. Today was really the big test -- after a terrible long run last week, I needed to get eight miles in today in order to be OK with my marathon training schedule. When I was done, I had clocked it in at 8.3 miles, which I'm happy with. It was not without its difficulties, though. About a mile and a quarter in, I gave up. My right food had been bothering me the whole time up to this point, causing me to run with a bit of a limp. That limp encouraged my calf muscle to cramp up. Eventually, it got to the point where it just wasn't working at all to run. I stopped, decided that after sitting on a bench for a little bit, I'd walk on home and try to figure out how to get eight miles in later today or tomorrow. Instead, while sitting on the bench, I worked on stretching and eventually stretched my calf enough that it wasn't cramping. I gave a little jog on it and was satisfied that it would be OK, then I decided to run some more. It was pretty good. So, that ended up being about a five minute rest break. About an hour later, I needed another rest break and sat down again for a little less than five minutes.

So, it would have been better if I could have just kept moving, but at least I finished my distance goal. Next week, I add a mile and will be looking to run nine miles. In the mean time, I'll use my short runs to work on improving my time.

Anyway. Yay! I'm earnestly back in the swing of things with my running training. I was starting to get worried.
Tags: marathon, running

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