Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Misc Update

Lots of little stuff going on.

Yesterday, we had a team building activity at work. It was great -- we all took off at lunchtime and headed to the ballpark to watch the local minor league team play. They won in the bottom of the ninth, which always makes for an exciting game.

I'm still running. There's a couple of things going on there. I think I figured out why my right leg and ankle has been giving me trouble. I think it's because when I run in the road (asphalt on the road is much more comfortable than concrete on the sidewalk, and there's not always a sidewalk where I run anyway), it's always with a noticeable difference in elevation between where my left foot lands and where my right food lands -- my right foot lands higher up. I run facing traffic, with the center of the road to my right. Most roads are higher in the center and slope down on the sides. It helps with water run off. In your car, it's not that big a deal. But over the course of a five mile run, that inch or so makes a difference. So now I'm going to work on mixing it up a bit -- sometimes run on the right side of the road and sometimes on the left. I've done that on my last two runs and I can definitely tell a difference.

I'm also breaking in my new running shoes. My old ones had about 350 miles on them and really lost their spring. I think after today's run, my new shoes are pretty well broken in. I'm not sure if I'll have to get another pair before the marathon or not yet. I could do the math and find out, but I'm too lazy to do that right now.

I run short runs (5 miles) on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and long runs (increase a mile each week, my most recent long run was 8 miles) on Saturday morning. This week, I overslept both Tuesday and today and did not do my morning run. Instead, I did it after work. Tuesday was kinda tough 'cause it was still hot. Today was good 'cause we had scattered thundershowers during the day that cooled things down enough to be tolerable. After today's 5 miles, I could have definitely kept going for a while, so I feel good about Saturday's planned 9 miles.

I'm back at the point where I realize that after running about two and a half or three miles, it gets easier and more fun for the next several miles. I was completely hating today's run until I got a little more than two and a half miles into it. By the time I hit five miles, I felt so good that I almost threw in another mile or two, but decided doing so would probably work against me on Saturday.

I'm getting better at my guitar. I'm more comfortable with the Telecaster and I also now have a POD 2.0 which is eliminating the need for any effects pedals. I got a great deal on it from eBay, and I'm completely happy with it. I suspect that I'm going to be putting the XT Live on my birthday/Christmas list when December rolls around. I'll probably even be able to get more than I paid for the 2.0 when I put it up on eBay.

We've got a six-month assessment of the Praise and Worship service coming up next week. I think it's going to be very interesting to hear what everyone thinks about what's working and what's not, about what we can do better, and how (if?) we should be changing things.

It's nice to have my Wednesday nights back.

We've been watching a lot of movies from Netflix. Currently, I've been working through a 70s sci-fi marathon, prompted by the Filmspotting podcast.

I think we'll go see The Hulk tomorrow. I hope it's better than the last one. I'm really excited about the new Batman movie (note to self: release date is July 19). I'm not excited about the new Punisher movie (note to self: you don't care when the release date is).

Been doing a bit of geocaching lately. Just recently made my 600th find since starting. I'd love to get to the 1000 milestone by my birthday, but I'm too busy to make the number of finds that will be required for that. So maybe by my birthday next year.

I'm hungry, so I'm going to go make myself some supper.
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