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It's smokier today than it was yesterday. I kinda like the way it smells, but I'm not too happy about how it's making my eyes water and irritating my already allergy-irritated throat.

I'm really not looking forward to doing a long run in this air tomorrow. I guess I can pretend that I'm training for the marathon in this year's pollution-rich Beijing Olympic games.

Funny story about the smoke. As I was walking into a restaurant for lunch earlier today, I encountered two ladies walking out. They were complaining about the smoke.

L1: I can't believe it's so smoky out here. What is it from?
L2: I think it's from the fires in the eastern part of the state.
L1: Wow. All the way over here?
L2: Yeah, the weatherman says we'll be smelling it all day, and maybe this weekend.
L1: Yuck.

At which point, L1 lights her cigarette and L2 continues fishing around in her purse for her pack of smokes.
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