Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Holy Bat!

So I'm sleeping peacefully when yarbiedoll comes up and says "Greg?" I grunt, annoyed that my precious sleep was being cut short by about a half hour. "Greg? There's a bat in the living room."

I jump out of bed, excited! "Really?! Cool!!!"

So we went downstairs and looked for the bat. After searching for a few minutes I asked yarbiedoll if she was just making it up. She insisted that it was true. I had my doubts.

Finally, she found the bat again, in the window. Once I saw how small it was, I got a hand towel to scoop him up with. He seemed pretty scared, and he didn't struggle much when I collected him. We took him out the front door, unfolded the towel and he flew away.

OK, that was worth losing 30 minutes of sleep over.

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