Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Misc: Blues, Running

Been busy lately and haven't had much time to do any posting. So this is a quick catch-up.

I'm still excited about the contact I made to Ecuador on the ham radio earlier this week. That's really cool.

Last night, I felt like I went to Chicago. yarbiedoll and I headed downtown to catch an amazing show by bluesman Carl Weathersby. WOW! That show was absolutely smokin'! If I ever get a chance to see him again, I will. Besides Carl being simply amazing, his 3-piece band (guitar, bass, drums) backed him up superbly. They didn't just play amazing music, they put on a great show. We're talking synchronized "dance" moves, great back-n-forth banter, and just attitude. These guys are tight, and they put on a great show. Highly recommended.

Today, I screwed up my long run. First, I started too late -- about 9:00. It was already quite warm. I ran too fast for the heat. Since I was only planning on eight miles, I didn't bother with bringing any water -- I figured that the water fountains that I encounter along the way would be sufficient. In the end, I only did four miles. I was completely out of steam at that point, and about 3/4 a mile from my next water fountain. I just started walking home instead. I had even tried to help myself by having a bagel with salmon about an hour before I started the run. It wasn't enough. At least I got the four miles in. At this point in my training, it's a little late to be making mistakes like that. I think I'll try to recover by re-attempting the eight miles on Monday. Next weekend's long run is going to be on Sunday, so that should be enough time for recovery. *sigh* I don't like these setbacks.
Tags: blues, ham radio, music, running

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