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Got My Run In This Morning

I overslept a little, but that wasn't such a big deal since I only had 10 miles to run today. I was out the door by about 9:30 and cooling down on the front porch by about quarter 'till noon. A bit of a faster pace than my other long runs, but I don't know if I could have maintained that faster pace for a run twice as long.

This week, I hope to get my bicycle out and do some cycling on my non-run days to help with the endurance. And I'm going to try to use my short run to work on a little speed. I'm not trying to break any records or anything, but I think my speed right now is right on the edge of too slow for them to allow me to complete the race. So I need to pick it up a little from that.

My first mile or two today was tough, but the rest of the run was lots of fun. At one point, I was considering adding another mile or two, but I know that's a dangerous thing to do on what's supposed to be the recovery long run. Also, it was starting to get hot again, and I didn't want to mess with having another battle with the heat like I have the past several weeks.

All in all, a great run. In an hour, I'm going to be watching the men's marathon at the olympics. That's the one event I've been looking forward to whole time.

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