Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

drmellow's Voting Guide

Two years ago, I wrote an "election guide" that is very much in line with how I'd encourage you to vote this year. To sum up: vote against the incumbent, vote for the party you hate least, vote for third-party candidates, cast write-in votes, vote against all bond issues. Read the full guide for details.

As you know, this year I'm writing myself in for President. I encourage you to do the same. My main platform plank is the elimination of Daylight Savings Time. While some of you enjoyed the "extra" hour you got this weekend, my friends with young children reminded me how terrible it is to try to explain to the children why we lie about the time. Also, remember how much you hate "losing" an hour in the spring. As President, I will eliminate this nasty lie we engage in year after year. Write-in votes for "Greg Cohoon", "Dr. Mellow", "Greg 'DrMellow' Cohoon", or "Greg Anti-DST Cohoon" would be appreciated.

For NC Governor, I'm voting for Libertarian candidate Munger. I'm really not thrilled about either of the Democrat or Republican offerings, so I'd like to help the Libertarians get the 2% they need in the governor's race to guarantee that they'll continue to be on the NC ballot for another four years. Especially if you don't have strong feelings about the Governor's race, I'd urge you to vote for Munger to help keep third-party candidates on the ballots. It helps keep the two major parties in check.

For NC Senate, I'm conflicted. I don't really want to vote for Dole, but I don't want the Senate to end up having a supermajority. So, I may hold my nose and vote Dole. But I may end up voting Libertarian there, too.

For all of the unopposed races, I'm not voting. I don't think a candidate deserves my vote just because no one is running against them.

I'm voting against all the bonds.

For most of the other races, I'm generally following the endorsements of the local free paper. For the most part, that means Republican choices, with a couple of Democrats.
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