Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Time To Calibrate My Nike+iPod

I've never calibrated my Nike+iPod. I think I really need to go ahead and do that if I'm going to keep running long distances. It appears to be about 10% more generous for my runs than truth. E.g., it considered yesterday's 26.2 (plus a little bit) miles to be 28.66:

For short runs, that's not really too big a deal, but as the run gets longer, it's inaccurate enough to really mess with my head.

BTW, for yesterday's marathon, I didn't actually listen to the iPod -- I just carried it for tracking the mileage. It was so much more fun talking with ccohoon and olga_ukraine while we were running. Then, after about 6 miles, when we separated, I actually enjoyed just taking in the scenery without having the music to distract me. That surprised me -- I thought that once I was running alone, I'd need want the iPod.

It did get very depressing around Mile 18, and I was tempted to plug the earbuds in, but it was actually too much work to do. Miles 16-20 can be a very bad place to be, mentally. Especially if there's absolutely no one around -- I couldn't see any runners either in front of or behind me. At that point, I was ready to just give up, cry, and wait for the pick-up vehicle to get me. But I managed to get through -- once I was out of the neighborhood and back on the main road, my mood improved dramatically.
Tags: marathon, nike+ipod, running
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