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Death of Batman?

Most people who know me know that I'm a Batman fan. To folks who follow comic books, I'm a step up from a casual fan. That makes me a huge fan in most people's opinion. I've seen all the movies (even the really bad Schumacher ones), most of the TV show episodes (which I don't consider to represent the "real" Batman), and read a lot of the comic books and associated material. I like Batman.

A friend just sent me a short piece from claiming that the upcoming issue of Batman is going to kill him off. Or rather, kill Bruce Wayne off, opening the door for a new character to take up the mantle. Or maybe Bruce will just retire?

Batman to be killed off after 70 years

'Batman RIP' will see "the end of Bruce Wayne as Batman", according to Grant Morrison.

There are rumours that Batman will suffer a gruesome end when his sidekick Robin goes over to "the dark side" and destroys him in a terrible betrayal.

Batman, alter ego of Bruce Wayne a wealthy industrialist, operates in the American Gotham City.

Others speculate that Wayne may either retire from his duties or be killed by a mystery villain known as the Black Glove.

His fate will be revealed in the latest issue of DC Comic's Batman, published on 26 November.

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OK, I haven't read Batman in several years -- I quit reading shortly after the massive No Man's Land storyline. I have absolutely no idea about what's currently going on in the Batman Universe. So, at some level, I really don't have a leg to stand on when I complain here.

But. Seriously? They're going to kill Bruce?

I'm angry.

My friend is betting that it's a marketing trick. Maybe so, but if it is, I'll probably be even angrier. And as unhappy as I am about the thought of them killing off Bruce, if they do that an subsequently bring him back (see Aunt May, Superman, e.g.), I'll be really angry. Regardless, as a marketing trick, it's going to work. I'll be stopping by the comic book store on my way home from work tomorrow to see if they've got the issue yet.


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