Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Krispy Kreme Challenge In The Books

I'm back home from the Krispy Kreme Challenge. 2400 800 calories. 12 3 donuts. 4 miles. 1 hour.

For several hours after the race, I felt awful. Thank goodness yarbiedoll drove back to Greensboro -- I just slept. If you're thinking of complaining that I didn't complete the challenge, I don't want to hear it unless you've progressed farther in the challenge than I have. I don't care how hard you might think it is, it's harder.

ESPN was there, with someone running, and he interviewed me a little bit just before the finish. I think they said their coverage of this is going to be on SportsCenter on the 22nd.

I've already got some ideas about how to do it better next year. I think with a little more training, I'll be able to complete the full challenge next time.
Tags: running

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