Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Thursday Lenten Service

I went to another Lenten Service at Guilford Park Presbyterian Church today. Again, I'm grateful for the opportunity to participate in a Lenten worship service mid-week. Going to church is a great way to spend your lunch hour.

Today's homily really sparked a line of thought in my head. It was about people who cried for Jesus' death -- both the cries of "Crucify him!" and the tear-filled cries. The speaker used Matthew 2:16 (Herod kills the children shortly after Jesus' birth) as one of the jumping-off points. I've never considered that passage in the context of Lent/Easter, and when considering it in the context of Christmas, I don't usually give much thought to it. Today, I was confronted with considering how it felt for the hundreds (thousands?) of families whose children were murdered as a result of Jesus' birth. What would they have thought 30 years later when Jesus was crucified?

Yeah, it's all speculative extra-biblical thinking. But, for me, it provided another aspect to consider during Lent. I'm not going to forget it easily. And, come Christmastime when I see that passage, I'm not going to gloss over it like I have in the past.
Tags: lent, religion

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