Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Greensboro, NC Tea Party

I don't write as much in my LJ as I'd like, or in as much depth as I'd like. I just don't have time. But I wanted to at least mention that I went to the Greensboro, NC Tea Party (coverage from the local paper) during my lunch break today. It was fun, there were lots of people there (estimates indicate over 1,000), and everyone was well-behaved. I enjoyed reading the signs, most of which were non-partisan. There were a few angry partisan signs, but for the most part the sentiment was anti-government, not anti-[insert political party here].

The real question is how many of the people who were downtown today are going to do anything about it tomorrow. Or the next day. Or....

I took about a hundred pictures. I haven't cropped, sorted, or labeled them, and I probably will never get around to it. Enjoy.

Tags: politics, taxes, tea party

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