Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Baseball Is Beautiful: The Unassisted Triple Play

This is an example of the beauty of baseball: Bruntlett ends Phils win with solo triple play.

Wow, wow, wow. I wish I had seen it when it happened, but at least there's YouTube:

  1. Bruntlett catches the batted ball before it hits the ground, causing the batter to be out.
  2. The baserunner who was on 2nd was on his way to 3rd, so when Bruntlett steps on 2nd base before the baserunner returned to tag up, that baserunner was out.
  3. The baserunner who was on 1st was on his way to 2nd, and Bruntlett managed to tag him out before the baserunner became safe by standing on any base.

It would be fun figuring out how to score this play. I'm guessing an L4 for the batter, an a CS for both of the baserunners. Anyone know a more correct way?
Tags: baseball

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