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Live Music, IHOP, and the Police

Last night, I went to see a band, ate at IHOP, and was pulled over by a cop.

Last night, Meredith and I went to see Edwin McCain at Ziggy's in Winston-Salem. It was an OK show. He didn't talk with the crowd much like he has other times I've seen him. His music was great, though, so I'm not complaining. The crowd was a little lackluster. A pretty young audience, and towards the end they just shouted songs that they wanted to hear. I found it a little disrespectful, but hey, that's me.

Opening for Edwin was Darcie Miner Band, who were pretty cool. I guess you'd categorize them as "progressive" if you had to put a label on 'em. They played one song that I described as what would happen if Metallica hired a female singer. (I liked it.) They played some funk. They played some blues. Very enjoyable all around.

Edwin played for about two and a half hours, which I was pretty impressed by. It was about 12:30 this morning when we left Ziggy's, which is a bit later than usual.

After the show, we hit the IHOP that's close to Ziggy's where I had a few cups of coffee and a great country omelette with country griddle cakes. My windshield wipers weren't working and it was raining, so I was keen to hope that maybe the rain would pass by while we were eating. Mostly, it did.

We left the IHOP and started driving. It was mostly OK, 'cause it wasn't raining anymore, but condensation kept gathering on the outside of my windshield. I ended up driving with my head part out the window sometimes in order to see the road. As soon as possible, I got off the interstate so I could drive much more slowly and hopefully annoy fewer people that stack up behind me.

So I'm puttering along a fairly empty road just west of town, going pretty slow and mostly staying in my lane, looking for places to pull off so I could go outside and wipe down my windshield. Problem is, every time I find a place to turn off, I'm already on top of it and can't turn. Then I see the blue lights flashing in my side view mirror. So I pulled as much over as I could and the police officer approached my car.

Officer: Hello.
Greg: Hello, Officer.
Officer: Can I see your license and registration, please?
Greg: Yes. Here they are. [Retrieves license and registration.]
Officer: I stopped you because you were driving very slowly and you crossed the center line.
Greg: Yes, my windshield wipers are broken and I'm having a hard time seeing, so I'm going slow.
Officer: You live on [street name]?
Greg: Yes, sir.
Officer: Have you had anything to drink this evening? [It was about 2:30 when this conversation was taking place.]
Greg: No, sir.
Officer: None whatsoever?
Greg: None whatsoever. [I quit drinking years ago.]
[The police officer obviously tried to smell for alcohol in the vehicle and seemed satisfied that I was sober. The police officer took my paperwork to his car, presumably to run the checks they run in these situations. He returned a minute or two later.]
Officer: Are you wearing contact lenses. [My driver's license specifies corrective lenses and I was not wearing glasses.]
Greg: Yes, sir.
Officer: [Shines light in my face and examines eyes, presumably looking for contacts.] You are?
Greg: [Opens eyes wide to make it easier to see contacts.] Yes, sir.
Officer: [Appears satisfied that I'm wearing contacts.] And your wipers don't work at all?
Greg: [Demonstrates that wipers don't work.] No, sir.
Officer: OK. Just be very careful as you drive home.
Greg: Thank you.

I got out and wiped down my windshield while I was stopped and drove on away. I stopped every time I got a chance to wipe down the windshield. Finally, I realized that even though I had the defroster cranked up, it was on "cool," so of course condensation was building up on the outside of my windshield. I popped it over to "warm" and didn't have a condensation problem the rest of the way home.

It was three o'clock this morning before I got to bed.

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