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NLT Mosaic Bible

So today is the release date for the NLT Mosaic Bible (available at Tyndale is hosting a virtual launch party, complete with a contest. Full disclosure: the prospect of winning a copy is part of the motivation of this post.

I first heard about this Bible a few weeks ago while I was on vacation. Tyndale alerted me about it since I participate in their Blogger Review Program. I was too busy vacationing to follow up about it, and by the time I did, all the review copies were gone. They're hosting a blog tour associated with the release, so everyone who did get a review copy will also have some "value-added" content on their blogs: guest posts from the editors, Q&A sessions, etc. I think that's a pretty slick turn of marketing on Tyndale's part, and a great way for me to discover more Bible-related blogs to read.

This edition of the Bible itself looks interesting, too. As I've stated before, the more time I spend with the NLT, the more of a fan I become. The features in this edition have the possibility of being very promising. From their website:

Holy Bible: Mosaic is about helping you encounter Christ in a deep and authentic way, through insight from every continent and century of the Christian Church. Historical and contemporary art and writings from across the globe offer a depth of Scriptural wisdom and understanding as you read and reflect on God’s word.

Mosaic is arranged so that every week has variety of content for reading and reflection. Each week follows a theme appropriate to the Church season (such as Advent, Easter, etc). The content included for each week includes full-color art; Scripture readings; a historical reading; a contemporary reading; a prayer, creed, hymn or quote; and space for reflection.
Over the past year or so, I've been much more interested in the history of the Church. (Yes, ironic since I'm now a worship leader in a more contemporary (Dare I say emerging? No, probably not.) setting). The time I've spent with my TDP over the past year has been a true blessing. I should spend more time with it. Another resource with similar content is something I'd love to look at, especially if it's something that I could take with me when I travel. The TDP is really too big and bulky to travel with in addition to a Bible. This might fill both roles.

On the other hand, there's a tremendous opportunity for Tyndale to fail with this endeavor, too. I didn't find any good examples of what the pages look like, so I don't know how they integrate the information with the Bible text. Or how good the information is. Based on what they put out with the NLT Study Bible last year, though, I have high hopes for this edition. I'll be watching the blogs that are reviewing it in order to decide whether or not to add it to my "gift list" this birthday/Christmas season.

Or maybe I'll get lucky and win a copy.
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