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New Job, Day 3

I started my new job on Monday. It's great.

A few weeks ago, I got a job offer from AT&T Wireless and accepted. Monday was my first day. It's a great job for me -- the work is technically very similar to the work I did at my previous company and is the kind of work that I enjoy doing. I had become very frustrated at my previous company for many reasons and I don't see cause for concern of those same frustrations becoming a problem here.

Three years ago, I left employment at AT&T Wireless after they had purchased the company I was working for, Vanguard Cellular. My primary reason for leaving was that I was becoming a proficient Java developer and AT&T Wireless did not have any near-term plans for Java development work. I was offered a position at another local company to be the number-two Java guy, responsible for some design and creation of standards as well as standard development work. It was a great fit at the time. Over the past three years, AT&T Wireless has moved more and more toward Java while the environment at my previous job changed in ways that did not mesh well with my professional development plans. So when the opportunity to come back to AT&T Wireless presented itself, I jumped on it. Things worked out very well for me, they offered the job, and I'm fortunate to be working here now. Even though I took a slight salary decrease to come over here, everything about my current job is better than my previous job. Benefits and intangibles more than make up for the salary difference.

Day three finds me continuing to get adjusted to my new surroundings, reaching out to a handful of people and updating them with my new phone number, etc., and beginning to delve into the code for the product here. It's a great experience for me and I'm really excited about the possibilities.

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