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Greg Cohoon

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Lucky Greg

A few weeks ago, I won tickets to the local minor league baseball team. Then, the next week, I won another pair. You see, the building management at my old job was giving away three pairs of tickets every Wednesday this summer. I kept entering every week until I left my old job, but didn't win again.

Well, I've been working at my new job for two weeks now. But yesterday, in the mail, I received two more baseball tickets! There was a little post-it note saying that I had won last week's drawing. That's absolutely amazing, because not only did I not enter last week's drawing, I wasn't even employed there last week!

I guess one of two things -- either they're simply recycling entries (perhaps because they don't have enough current entries) or one of my buddies has been entering my name since I've left. The former is more likely as the latter seems to be too much work for the potential lack of a pay-off.

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