Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Visit from the parents

The parents visited this weekend. Way cool. This is the first time they made it down here since my wife and I got married last year. We had a great time. Friday night consisted of hanging out. On Saturday we got up nice and early for a drive out to Statesville to visit my cousin, her husband, and their brand new baby girl (about two weeks old and oh, so cute). Saturday night, my wife's parents came over for a visit and we went to Pancho Villa's for Mexican. Alas, the live Mariachi band that is there every Saturday night was not there when we went because car troubles or some such prevented their making the gig. Yesterday was a typical Sunday morning -- Dad joined me for my Sunday School class and Mom joined us for the second service. Finally, last night, my great-aunt and great-uncle came over for an amazing steak supper prepared by my lovely wife. My parents were packing the car as I left for work this morning. All in all, it was a great (and busy) weekend.

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