Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Church Fathers Day 3: Epistle to of Mathetes to Diognetus: Chaps. 7-12

I'm using a plan that has me reading through 10 of the Church Fathers during Lent this year. Today was the last six chapters of Epistle to Diognetus.

Do you accept of the vain and silly doctrines of those who are deemed trustworthy philosophers? This is the line that struck me most from today's reading. This letter, especially the second half, seemed to concentrate on the "set apart" nature of Christians in the world. How different is that today than when these words were originally written?

I know I'm only three days into my readings, but I want to not that I'm enjoying them much more than I thought I would. They really are thought-provoking at times. I'm looking forward to the rest of my study through the season of Lent.
Tags: church fathers, lent, reading

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