Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

hot wings!

Yesterday, my friend and I went out to Buffalo's for lunch. They've always had some pretty good wings. I was very, very happy with the wings I had yesterday.

I really enjoy spicy food. Whenever I get wings, I always end up ordering the hottest wings that are offered. At Buffalo's, that's what they call "extra extra hot." I'm pretty used to their wings and have gotten in the habit of bringing my own hot sauce (Da Bomb) with me to add to the wings to spice them up a little more. When I left for work yesterday, I wasn't planning on going to Buffalo's for lunch, so I didn't have my sauce with me.

The waitress came by to take our order:

Greg: I'll have 15 wings: half jamacian jerk, half extra extra hot.
Waitress: You mean the hottest we have?
Greg: Yes, please.
Waitress: You've had them before, right? You know how hot they are.
Greg: Yes. Thanks for asking. I've had them before and actually find them to be a little weak.
Waitress: OK. Just wanted to make sure. Some people don't know what they're getting into when they order that. You find it weak? Where are you from?
Greg: Around here.
Waitress: Wow. I would have thought New Mexico or something.

Typically, the extra extra hot is a good level of spicy for me. Yesterday, I was in for something special.

After a little while, the wings came out. The waitress was holding my plate as far away from her as possible. That's not uncommon, as the steam from extra extra hot wings at Buffalo's typically will clear the nasal cavities for most people. She put the wings in front of my and I immediately noticed a diference -- the sauce on the wings was thicker than I've ever seen it. My buddy, sitting across the table, winced as the steam from my wings wafted in his direction.

I picked up a wing and ate it. Wow. These were the second hottest wings I've ever had. (The hottest being some wings I made myself using "Wicked Chicken" sauce.) I immediately started sweating. I usually sweat when eating hot food, but it usually takes three or four wings to get the sweat flowing. One bite did it this time. There was something very, very different about this sauce. I attempted to get my buddy to try one of the wings. "No thank you. I know my limits." was his reply.

I loved every bite of those wings, but was really having a hard time eating them. I ended up taking five of them home with me, which I'll be eating for lunch today. The waitress came by and saw me sweating and wondered if I was all right. I told her that I was and that I was really enjoying the wings. I mentioned that they were much hotter than normal.

The waitress explained why: "I asked the cook what they did to these wings, 'cause I noticed they looked different than extra extra hot normally looks. They told me that that they have a special sauce that the manager makes for people who think that extra extra hot isn't hot enough. If you want it again, just be sure to ask for the 'special' extra extra hot sauce and, depending on who's cooking, they'll know what you're talking about and use it for you."

Well, you can be sure that I'll be ordering the special sauce again. That was some tasty, spicy sauce. I convinced my buddy to try a piece of celery that had been coated with the sauce. He finally gave in and almost started to cry. After trying it, he started coating his tongue with blue cheese dressing trying to make the pain stop. For about 10 minutes, the pain from this sauce just kills your mouth. Then, it settles in for a nice slow burn that lasts for about an hour and is very enjoyable.

I gave both the waitress and the cook a nice tip for introducing me to that sauce.

I wish more people were around to have witnessed the event.

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