Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Church Fathers Day 21: St. Athanasius: Life of Anthony: Chaps. 1-10

I'm using a plan that has me reading through 10 of the Church Fathers during Lent this year. Yesterday was St. Athanasius: Life of Anthony: Chaps. 1-10. I fell behind again and am working to catch up. Once I fell behind the first time, it was easy to allow myself to both fall farther behind as well as fall behind again, after having caught back up.

This is pretty neat reading. Instead of instruction or preaching, I'm reading a story. I like the change of pace. Our hero, Anthony, starts the story as a wealthy Egyptian (raised Christian). After hearing some scripture passages and meditating on them, he decides to sell all he has and give the money to the poor. Then, he begins a journey of following Christ. Everywhere he turns, he is either comforted or instructed by a passage of scripture. He becomes a monk of sorts. He fight demons.

I'm looking forward to what happens next.
Tags: church fathers, lent, reading

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