Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Church Fathers Day 22: St. Athanasius: Life of Anthony: Chaps. 11-20

I'm using a plan that has me reading through 10 of the Church Fathers during Lent this year. Yesterday was St. Athanasius: Life of Anthony: Chaps. 11-20. I fell behind again and am working to catch up. This catches me up since there are no readings on Sunday.

The story continues and Anthony goes out to live alone in an abandoned fort in the desert, where he lives for 20 years! When he emerged from the fort, he was amazing -- he was in good health, even though he had subsisted on only bread and water for those 20 years, he healed many people, both physically and spiritually. He was able to pass through crocodile-infested waters without harm.

I'm definitely enjoying this set of readings, since it reads like a story.
Tags: church fathers, lent, reading

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