Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

cold wings!

Last night, my wife and I went out to Buffalo's for supper. I was anxious to have some more of the hot wings I had the other day. Before going to supper, I was at a church committe meeting that lasted about three hours, so I was definitely ready to relax and enjoy some good food.

I was afraid I wasn't going to get what I was hoping for when I tried to describe the "special extra hot sauce" to the waiter and he didn't seem to know what I was talking about. My suspicions were confirmed when the wings I ordered came back slightly coated with a thin, runny sauce. This was not the paste I had experienced earlier this week. That's OK, the hot sauce at Buffalo's varies from day to day anyway, and I'm not surprised that not everyone there knows about the "special extra hot sauce."

What I wasn't very happy about was the fact that my wings barely had sauce on them. It was as if the cook simply showed the wings the sauce and said "go ahead and rub a little bit on you, it's OK." Several of my wings had a greater surface area that was dry than was covered with sauce. I pointed it out to the waiter, after finally getting his attention, and he gladly brought us out some more sauce. Then, a little later, my wife pionted out that some of her wings were cold. Not cold like they had cooled down to room temperature, but cold like they had been in the refridgerator and had not had time to sufficiently warm up. She didn't want to complain, but I mentioned it to the waiter next time he came by. The waiter offered to get her new wings, but she had already eaten most of the wings she had and wasn't interested in eating any more. So the waiter made it right by taking my name and telling me that he was putting it in "the book" so that the next time I come in for wings to let them know that I'm in "the book" and they'll give me 15 wings at no cost. Basically, since we didn't get a corrected order tonight, they'll correct our order next time. That was pretty cool.

The sad thing, as my wife pointed out, is that it really stinks to have to be a complainer in order to get good food/service at a place that we both would really like to be able to enjoy on a regular basis.

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