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Family Reunion

Every Labor Day weekend, my family has a family reunion, so I always think "family" when I think of Labor Day. This year, my wife's family had a get-together, too, so we skipped the reunion on my side of the family and went to Darlington, South Carolina to visit aunts, uncles, and cousins. I really enjoyed it -- we don't get to visit with some of my wife's family as often as either of us would like, so this weekend was a great time. We got up Saturday morning and had a nice drive to South Carolina. My wife did the actual driving and I got to hold a freshly-baked pound cake that smelled really good. After my tough weekend the week before, I was really glad not to be driving.

Listening to "Car Talk" on the way down was a hoot. One of the callers called in from Alaska with a question about how to exercise her dog team during the months where there is no snow and, thus, you can't have them pull a sled. She had a new ATV of some sort and was planning to hook the team to it. She wondered if it would be better to keep the vehicle in neutral (which she thought would be very hard on the brakes) or put it in a gear (which she feared might be tough on the engine) while the team pulled it. By the time the call was over, I think everyone agreed to attach some sort of blade to the back of the vehicle and start grading new roads, using the blade as a means of resistance for the dogs and a way to create new roads. It was one of the best "Car Talk" calls I've ever heard.

The get-together at my wife's aunt's house was great. Everyone who was planning show up did and we had some great food and some great visiting. It was pretty rainy everywhere between home and South Carolina, which only put a slight damper on things. And we certainly need the rain, so no one's complaining.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Family's important. Cherish and cultivate the family relationships you have.

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