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Book Review: The Nightmare Frontier by Stephen Mark Rainey

The Nightmare Frontier by Stephen Mark Rainey
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book is a bit outside the genre I typically read, and I think I'll be back for more.

Summary: A guy from the city comes to a rural West Virginia town to help his sister bury her son, who was killed and torn apart by someone (something?) wild. Things start to get pretty creepy pretty fast. The family in town that seems to get away with every bad deed they do appear to be behind the creepy. Mostly because they seem to have a connection to some interdimensional aliens who are attempting to move into earth. Lots of people start getting killed. The heroes try to save the say.

I enjoyed the plot -- enough twists and turns, without becoming overly-complex. The characters are believable and worth caring for (or hating, in the case of the villains). The conflict feels real, with plenty of tension to keep the story moving. Especially as the story progresses, it becomes hard to put the book down. There's not much fluff in this story. The action starts right near the beginning and doesn't let up.

I'll be adding some more Stephen Mark Rainey books to my to-read list.

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