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radio call-in contest

I won another radio call-in contest.

After the race on Sunday, we went from Darlington to Charlotte to visit some friends. It was late since the race was rain-delayed and we were on the road until about one o'clock, maybe one-thirty in the morning. I was listening to the radio and the announcer said to be the twenty-first caller to play one of those radio games.

Since I was driving, I asked my wife to dial the phone so I could play. She dialed and dialed and dialed and finally got it ringing. She handed me the phone and the announcer told me I was the twenty-first caller. So we played a game of he tells me something and I have 10 seconds to name 5 things that go with the something he told me. OK, I say, I'm ready.

Blair: Hi, you're caller number 21. Who's this?
Greg: Greg
Blair: Greg with a "G"?
Greg: Yes, actually with two "g"s -- one on the front and one on the end.
Blair: Allright. This is Blair with a "B."
Greg: Allright. Hi, Blair with a "B."
Blair: Hi, Greg with a "G." Where are you calling from?
Greg: My car. Somewhere between Darlington and Charlotte. Right on the North Carolina/South Carolina border, I think.
Blair: OK. Do I need to wait for you to pull over or anything?
Greg: No, I think I can handle it.
Blair: Ahhh....a multi-tasker.
Greg: That's me.
Blair: [explains contest parameters to Greg] Ready?
Greg: Sure
Blair: Name five things things that people like to do on their day off:
  1. sleep late
  2. eat
  3. go to the beach
  4. have a party
  5. drink beer
Blair: Congratulations! Drinking beer made you a winner!
Greg: WooHoo!

So he put me on hold and the producer came on in a little bit to get my particulars to send me the prize -- a CD of some country singer, Daryl Whorley (spelling?) perhaps? I'm also entered in a prize drawing for concert tickets for that singer. Anyway, it was fun.

I've been pretty lucky over my lifetime winning stuff from radio call-in contests. Let's see if I can remember them:
  • Whitesnake concert tickets (Q107, Washington, D.C.)
  • Huey Lewis and the News concert tickets (Q107, Washington, D.C.)
  • a t-shirt (Q107, Washington, D.C.)
  • Tiffany concert tickets -- front row seats and back stage passes! (Hey, I was a kid....) (Q107)
  • boxing tickets (WPTF 680 AM, Raleigh)
  • boxer shorts (some AM station in Greensboro that now plays all Spanish music all the time)
  • domain name registration (the same AM station in Greensboro)
  • this CD (94.5? -- some radio station near the North Carolina/South Carolina border)
And my mom won us a trip to Disney World off a radio call-in contest when I was 16, too. That was from Q107 in Washington, D.C.

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