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My wife gave me a Beanie Baby bat as a present yesterday. She saw him in a store window and just knew that I had to have it. His name is "Radar" and Ty points out that he is the first Beanie Baby whose name is a palindrome. I brought him in to work today and he now lives on top of my monitor. Bats are really cool. They're cute, too.

I've been a fan of bats for a long time. It really goes back to the fact that Batman is my favorite comic book character. But it goes beyond that, too. Bats are just plain cool. So now Radar sits on top of my monitor, observing everything.

Elephants are really cool, too. Maybe I'll have a discourse on them sometime in the future. I can talk about the (somewhat) recent discovery of a whole new species of elephant, the forest elephant, for example.

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