Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Busy Weekend: Brother Arrives / Hot Wings / Banjo Playing

My younger brother (Chris) came to visit this weekend. He's really cool for all sorts of reasons and has been looking for an excuse to come visit for a while. The prospect of a Hayseed Dixie concert was apparently enough to tilt the scales for a visit this weekend.

Chris arrived about 9 o'clock Friday night. My wife and I were happy to see him. We had waited on supper because we didn't know if he would have eaten or not. It turns out that he did stop at a fast food place on the way, so he didn't need any supper. But we had planned for the possibility that he wasn't hungry and were planning on going to the local bar and getting wings. If Chris wasn't hungry, he could hang out and play the trivia game and have a drink or two while we ate. As it turned out, Chris had some wings, too -- once we were able to find some wings on the menu that weren't too spicy for him. We probably hung out at Buffalo's for about two hours, grazing on wings and playing the trivia games. We all won at least one round of the games. It was loads of fun for us all.

When we got home, Chris showed us his new banjo (he got it about six weeks ago) and played a few rolls and songs for us. It was really neat. But we were also all kind of tired and knew we were planning a busy Saturday, so we hit the sack for some shut-eye.

P.S. Banjos are really cool. I want one.

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