Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Busy Weekend: McDonalds / Rain / Banjo Playing

The busy weekend continued when we woke up Saturday morning. I rolled out of bed about nine o'clock or so. While everyone else was getting up and getting ready, I took some time to play Chris' banjo. He brought the books that he's teaching himself out of, so I just started going from the beginning. A banjo is tuned so that if you just play all the strings open, it's a G chord. That made it easy, so I practiced some of the rolls that the book recommended. It was lots and lots of fun. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Banjos are really cool. I want one.

Once everyone else was up and moving, we decided to go get something to eat before heading out to the sporting clays range. So we headed out to McDonald's after picking up some ammunition from Wal-Mart. I had a fish fillet combo because they're so yummy. Of course, as our luck would have it, it started to rain. None of us were thrilled about the prospect of shooting in the rain, but we decided to ride out to the range anyway, in case it wasn't too bad over there. Besides, it's a pretty drive to Summerfield and back. When we got there, we decided that it was raining hard enough to be annoying and that we might have better luck if it quit raining and we came back later in the day. So we went back home.

We got home and decided to play around some more. I got my wife's guitar out of the closet and Chris and I did some banjo-guitar duets. Obviously, I was on guitar. Once again -- loads and loads of fun. And banjos are really cool.

Later, as the weather cleared up some, we thought about going back out to Shane's Sporting Clays and shooting. We waited until it stopped raining for about a half hour and called the range to make sure that the weather in Summerfield was cooperating, too. It was, so we jumped back in the car for an afternoon of shooting.

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