Greg Cohoon (drmellow) wrote,
Greg Cohoon

Busy Weekend (part 5): Bread / Steak / Jam

After a great time at Shane's on Saturday, we all headed back to the house for some relaxing and food before the Hayseed Dixie concert Saturday night. I had a package of bread mix for Hawaiian bread. My brother's a big fan of Hawaiian bread, so I told him he could bake a loaf in the bread machine if he wanted. So we did that. I think he decided that he wants his own bread machine since he eats so much bread. It takes three hours to bake a loaf in the machine, so we pulled out the musical instruments again and jammed a bit.

My brother was playing stuff on the banjo and I took rhythm guitar again. My wife even joined us for a few songs on the piano. Loads and loads of fun. Then, as my wife was preparing a steak supper, my brother and I moved over to a double guitar jam session. Chris would whip out some nice solos to the blues track I was laying down. Then, when it was my turn to solo, I'd wow everyone with my amazing, patented, one-note-that-is-usually-in-the-right-key solo. We all suffered through it and were happy when Chris redeemed the jam session with some real solo work.

Then we had a wonderful steak supper and started getting ready for the show.

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