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Sunday School Appreciation Dinner

Earlier this evening, I went to the annual Sunday School Teacher Appreciation Dinner at my church. This is the second year for me. Last year, I had only been teaching for a handful of months and wasn't sure what to expect. It was lots of fun -- both this year and last year. The menu included a tasty salad, a wonderful baked potato, a nice filet mignon, and tasty desert. Most of the teachers who attend teach children's classes, but there were a few of us who teach adult classes.

After the supper, the Music Minister let a short program of singing. All songs that are appropriate for Sunday Schools -- adult and children. It was pretty fun. Lots of the teachers really put a lot into their lessons. It's nice to have a time when we're recognized for the work we do.

Of course, I'd do it anyway without the recognition -- teaching my class really is a reward in itself. These past fifteen months of teaching have been immensely rewarding. I really love what I do.

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